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Control over the Mind

The Intuitive Method of Knowing Reality

Out of the infinite absolute musical force-field of the harmony laws our formative powers of feeling and understanding project the inner absolute reality, which flows in the infinite beyond space and time, onto the surface of the sound-substance of our mind which is stimulated by the perfect cosmic fundamental vibration.
Thereby, the perfect dynamic structure of music appears on the surface of our mind just as it flows in the infinite musical force-field of the harmony, as a reflection of our absolute inner musical reality, and of our reality of life respectively.

This process is our intuitive method of knowing reality.

It is the practical field of our universally creating activity –
the sphere of power of those who are really creative.

The Individual Mind Gains Cosmic Value

By way of our perception of the absolute sound-substance in the field of our mind we bring our mind to the state of that cosmic vibration.
Our individual mind gains cosmic value thereby and functions on the level of the universal harmony laws.

Technology of the Total Experience

Endowed with perfect stability, our conscious mind now remains anchored in the infinite musical force-field of the universal harmony laws.

At the same time, by virtue of the universal flexibility, our mind now projects onto the cosmically enlivened surface of our mind the perfect musical pattern of the absolute dynamic musical process of the harmony which flows in our self in an infinite flow beyond space and time, and thus succeeds in conveying through our perfectly functioning sense of hearing the experience of a total musical experience to our vibrating self-consciousness.

Cosmic Rule over Our Thinking

By successfully maintaining the perfect fundamental vibration of the absolute sound-substance on the level of our mind we gain cosmic rule over our thinking.