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Control over the Sense of Hearing

The Empirical Method of Knowing Reality

In the case of outwardly listening to music, shape-giving faculties of our neurophysiology project the outer reality of the resounding musical performance onto the surface of our mind; through that, the surface of our mind assumes the structure of the sounding composition, thus producing the inner reflection of the outer musical reality.
This is the empirical method of knowing reality in music as we music listeners practise it.

Perceiving the Absolute Tone-substance in the Sense of Hearing

When at the same time we perceive the perfect fundamental vibration of the absolute sound-substance in our mind, this cosmic vibration also enters our sense of hearing and raises it to a state of cosmic perception.

Now we are able to scan our mind, which functions with infinite flexibility,
with utmost sensitivity and to entice out of it the perfect musical experience in the universal musical force-field of the harmony.

Our Sense of Hearing in a State of Cosmic Perception

By incessantly infusing our sense of hearing with the perfect fundamental vibration of the absolute sound-substance and by perceiving it there all the time, we gain cosmic control over our
sense of hearing.