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Reversal of the Reality of
Creating Music

The First, Creative Musical Spark

In the technology of creative thinking, the inner abstract knowledge of harmony is the first thing to exist. From this harmony emerges, as the first creative spark, the comprehensive vibration of the harmony-technique: the inner breath of music.

The Wholeness of the Musical-Creative Idea in Its Unfoldment

From this comprehensive vibration of the harmony-technique, the more limited, large waves of the sequences expand and move as smaller waves, as melodies and motifs, towards the shore of the musical sound-space.

Only in this last phase of musical formation, in this outermost range of music, the element of musical sound arises, the composition which can be heard within.”

As the expression ‘creation of music’ indicates, one creates something diverse from an originally existing entity. This process of creation can be compared to a tree growing towards multiplicity, as an expression of that single seed which contains this whole multiplicity already in a latent, abstract form.