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The Firmament of Music

The Inner Laws of Creating Music

Here, during his inner process of creation, the musical poet moves the constellations of living music which, according to the inner laws of human evolution, structure the objective sphere of the musical sound-space within his mind; and with the responsibility of an artist he creates a harmonizing influence on his surroundings.

This process of the genesis of music takes place within each musician, whether he is aware of it or not, and whether he perceives it in detail or not.

But, due to this fact, he carries a very personal responsibility towards his audience.

The Inner Ear

As the music is created, the inner ear is only the outer agent of the musical artist to control the musical result, delivered to him by his mind in the form of his musical thought.

This inner ear is directly controlled by his intellect which reigns the sense of hearing threefold: with the understanding, with the feeling, and with the integration of feeling and understanding – with the qualities of silence.

The True Process of Composing

The inner process of human thinking, together with the organizing and harmonizing influence of feeling and understanding, is the true mechanism of composing.

The Father of the Musical Thought

The inner sense of hearing makes the self of the musical creator the first listener of his composition.
Yet, it is also this self which, for itself and for all other selfs, generated the musical thought in his mind – purely from its own inner joy, from its own inner playfulness, and from its own affection for the many other selfs – but also from the intuitive knowledge that all the selfs of the world together, form one big family, and that, as member of this universal family, they are but the blessed parts of that one great father of the family, embodied in the harmony.

The Cosmic Monologue

Here, music is the monologue of the self of a musical creator, and only beyond his thinking his music then is a message to the other selfs about his monologue.

To his listeners as well as to himself, the musician, in this monologue, reveals the absolute, true relationship of all the selfs in the world, and thereby generates a feeling of love in all the selfs.

Within all the other selfs, he awakens the desire to come together and become united in the one universal Self.