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Desire for Liberation

Bondage of he Free Joy of Creativity to the Limited World of the Musical Formation of Tones

If, in the state of supreme fulfillment, we now immerse our radiant eye into the limited worlds of individual, social and ecological life, then we notice in our inner, radiant fulfillment a very inconspicuous shadow of non-fulfillment.

And we realize that this tiny shadow of non-fulfillment is associated with ourselves looking out into the limited world – that this looking out entails a minute bondage of our free joy of creativity to the limited world.

The Natural Desire for Complete Release of the Innermost Creative Power

Therefore, we want to turn our vision back and keep it steadily directed towards the perfect life-field of the harmony.

For this universal world of life alone guarantees us unspoiled fulfillment.

Our desire to eliminate even the most minute impairment of our perfect experience of the world stems from our natural innermost strive for the complete release of our innermost creative power.

The Light of Life of Truth

But then we observe that, along with retiring our attention from the relative process of knowing, also all life vanishes in this limited world.

And when we imagine now the new seeker of truth who is still at the outset of his relative road to knowledge, and when we imagine how, with our retreat from the relative fields of knowledge, even the last ray of light of factual knowledge fades for him, then we decide at our own discretion and in favor of the seeker of truth who aspires to knowledge.

And so we leave our attention – from the absolute lively world of the harmony – on the relative force-fields of the process of gaining knowledge, even if we thereby reduce our personal complete fulfillment by a minute degree.

In the True Wise the Love of Man Dominates over the Love of the World

Now we decide in favor of that inner desire for liberation which we know to be present in every human being.
It was this so fundamentally human desire for liberation that once urged ourselves to enter the path of gaining knowledge, that firmly held us there, and that let us complete the process of knowing unperturbedly.

The Tradition of the Wise

However, success was possible only because before, within the absolute force-field of the harmony, another former seeker of the truth, now turned an embodiment of knowledge, had freely decided in the absolute force-field of the harmony in our favor to keep his attention in the relative force-fields of mental-emotional development, to personally light us the path of knowledge into the infinity of the harmony.

And here we witness the birth of a teacher – of a conveyor of truth.