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Peter Hübner
The Significance of the Soul in
Human Evolution

Interview of Nature Medicine Current Affairs with PETER HÜBNER

In Following: “The Significance of the Soul to Medicine” – lecture of the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner on the “Eleventh International Congress on Stress’ of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STRESS in Hawaii as well as following the interview “The Significance of our Consciousness to Medicine” with Nature Medicine Current Affairs after the lecture.

NATURE MEDICINE CURRENT AFFAIRS:  In the service of pharmaceutical industry many modern neuroscientists prepare themselves to accompany man – for good payment of course – from birth to death with well-paid medical drugs.

PETER HÜBNER:  This is the reason, in my opinion, why they are so successful in spreading their “theory of the soulless man’. In my opinion it is a marketing strategy.
But without universality and natural harmony you cannot please the soul.
And that I am right here prove the incorruptible objective research results in the field of medicine.

NATURE MEDICINE CURRENT AFFAIRS:  You mean: with medical drugs and/or chemical preparations.

PETER HÜBNER:  You are right, only universality and natural harmony are able to please the soul.

NATURE MEDICINE CURRENT AFFAIRS:  And what about music therapy and music medicine?

PETER HÜBNER:  About the problems of music therapy I spoke already extensively elsewhere.
But in particular in the field of music medicine there are of course also always some highly studied people, who imagine in their medical-human blindness in all seriousness, that good medical effects could be achieved by some frequencies or sounds.
But they are those typical mediocre run-of-the-mill experts, who, in their mental blindness, are not able to turn towards a more universal view on health.
They are an archetypal product of the first three limited main states of consciousness.

NATURE MEDICINE CURRENT AFFAIRS:  Mr. Huebner, you report, that our soul supplies the organs of our body incessantly in a stream of impulses with vital energy and in this way maintains their functions, respectively directs them – and that we become sick, if this stream is disturbed or retarded and/or inhibited.

Here I have three questions:
  1. What disturbs this stream most – that is, what do I have to abstain from most, so that I do not get ill?

  2. What supports this stream most strongly – that is, what do I have to support most, in order to stay healthy?

  3. Taking this into account, how must a successful health education be formed?

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